Why You Should Never Ignore a Blocked Drain

Why You Should Never Ignore a Blocked Drain

Oftentimes we put up with small drainage niggles such as a slow-flowing sink, and only deal with it once the blockage becomes worse. You’d be surprised just how many times we get called out to deal with blocked drains London, to be told “yeah, it’s been that way for a little while now”.

And while that slow-flowing drain might seem like a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things, the long-term effects of ignoring the issue can develop into a more serious and costly problem in the future.

Unfortunately, when things are out of sight, and out of mind, they often get ignored, and your drainage system definitely fits into this category. Which is why you should never ignore the early signs of a drainage problem, and get it fixed as soon as possible.

Your drainage system is designed to funnel wastewater from your property to the main sewer system, so if your drains aren’t working as intended, this can leave standing water trapped in your pipes, which, over time can leak and potentially damage the structural integrity of your home.

The longer you leave a blocked drain, the chances of structural damage increase. Even small leaks can cause damp issues and potential joist and brickwork damage resulting in an extremely costly repair.

Blocked Drain Maintenance and Prevention

Whilst there are often early signs that your drains are blocked, preventing this from happening in the first place, is much better situation than having to deal with it once it becomes a more serious problem.

To ensure your drainage system remains in full working order, we recommend enlisting the services of a professional London drainage company, to help maintain your drainage system on a regular basis.

You probably get your heating boiler serviced annually, so why not do the same with your drains? A quick and affordable annual drain cleaning now, is much better than dealing with a costly drain repair in the future.

How Can You Help Keep My Drains in Full-Working Order?

We have a variety of professional drain unblocking equipment at our disposal to help keep your drains free and clear and functioning correctly. Some of the ways we unblock and clean London drains include…

  • High-Pressure Drain Jetting – If the blockage is old or compacted, it usually requires the use of high-pressure water jetting equipment to break up and clear the debris. Whilst drain rodding can clear most blockages, a blast of high-pressure water will get the job done quickly with the minimum of fuss.
  • Drain Rodding – Clearing a drain blockage using drain rods is often a cheap and effective solution, especially if there is little compacted material to remove, or the blockage is new and has not had a chance to solidify. In most cases we will try to unblock your drain with rods first, and if unsuccessful can use more heavy-duty drain cleaning equipment.
  • Tanker Jetting – Depending on the severity and size of the drain blockage, we may need to use more heavy-duty equipment to clear the blockage. Larger drains, or more stubborn blockages will need more high-pressure water, and tanker jetting will often be the best solution.

Ready to Keep Your Drains in Tip-Top Condition?

We offer affordable drainage maintenance solutions to both commercial and domestic customers across London and the South-East. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us today to speak with one of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

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