Home Buyers Drain Surveys

Our professional and affordable home buyers drain surveys are designed to assess the state of the drainage system and detect any potential issues before your exchange contracts on your property.

Ensure the drainage system of your dream home is in tip-top shape and help avoid costly future repairs by booking a home buyers drain survey from Flo-Well today!

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    Need a Home Buyers Drain Survey In London? Contact Us Today!

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    A Pre-Purchase Drain Inspection Could Save You Thousands

    Purchasing a house is already a stressful process. Waiting for months to complete your purchase, dealing with the stresses of moving day, then finally getting settled in to your new home only to find your bath is draining slower than usual or your washing machine isn’t draining properly. Arghh, you could be dealing with a drainage problem!

    Whilst you have no doubt carried out a surveyors report as part of the buying process, RICS surveyor’s lack the necessary equipment to be able to assess the full condition of the properties drainage system. They may lift a manhole cover and check for any obvious signs of problems, but in most cases, that will pretty much be the extent of it and will not identify issues deeper within the drainage system which requires the use of professional drainage equipment.

    We can’t promise a professional home buyers drain survey will eliminate all of the stress that comes with purchasing a home, but it can at least give you peace of mind, that the drainage system in your new property is in good shape and is unlikely going to cause you any hassle or stresses in the near future.

    And, if during the inspection we do find active problems or potential future issues such as cracked drains, misalingned pipework, tree root ingress, this will give your the opportunity to go back to the seller and either negotiate a better price, or better yet, have them deal with the issues before your complete on your purchase.

    Sure, the problem could be something as simple as a drain blockage that just requires a quick blast of the water jet to clear, but if you’re dealing with a more serious problem such as a collapsed drain, that could envolve having to excavate the area to fix the problem which amounts to a pretty costly repair. Is that something you want to leave to chance?

    Don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best. Book a professional home buyers drain survey from Flo-Well today and get an expert view on the condiftion of your dream

    Best Priced Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys In London & The South East

    Drain Surveys for House Purchases

    Our team of drainage professionals have conducted hundreds of pre-purchase drain inspections for customers across London and the South East. Our home-buyers drain surveys are competively priced and have saved some of our customers thousands of pounds on costly drainage repairs.

    You may be thinking a professional home buyers drain survey is just another added expense on top of what is already a costly process. But peace of mind knowing that you’re unlikely to have any problems with your drains once you move in, or in the cases where we do find drainage problems that could cost thousands of pounds to rectify, it’s money well spent in our opinion.

    Why risk it? Contact our team to book your homebuyers drain survey today!

    I’m Buying a New Build Home. Do I Need a Drain Survey?

    New build home + brand new drainage system = no problems. Or so you might think! You’d be surprised at just how many survey’s we’ve carried out on new build properties only to find the drainage system has been installed incorrectly, or is chocked full of builders rubble. For peace of mind, and for the sake of a few hundred pounds, we’d fully recommend you conduct a home buyers drain survey on a new build property.

    WhaT’s Included in a Pre-Purchase Drainage Survey?

    Our pre-purchase drain surveys are here to help you understand the condition of your entire drainage system. From where the pipes exit your property to where they connect with the main sewer system, we can let you know exactly what is going on underground. Our easy to understand home buyers drain survey reports include:

    • Overall structural condition of your drainage sysytem.
    • Identify any cracked/misaligned pipes or damage caused by root ingress and leaks.
    • Evidence of blockages or backed-up sewage.
    • Drainage system ownership (which parts you and your local water authority are responsible for).
    • Drainage map showing the locations and components in your drainage system.
    • CCTV footage so you can review the condition of your drains yourself.
    • Reccomendations and estimated costs for repair work if damage or problems are uncovered.
    • Our reports also satisfy all parties including solicitors, mortgage lenders and insurance companies for CON29DW’s (Water Searches).
    Home Buyers Drain Surveys