Pipework Cleaning & De-Scaling

Your drainage system is typically “out of site and out of mind” and the only time we pay attention to it is when a problem arises. But with regular pipework cleaning and de-scaling you can help prevent blockages and even more serious problems from occuring in the first place!

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    What Are THe Benefits of Pipework Cleaning and De-Scaling?

    Water Jetting to Clear Blocked Drains

    Over time, scale and sludge can build up within the pipework of your drainage system. If left untreated this build up will continue to grow until it causes a blockage or more serious problem with your drainage system.

    If you live in a hard-water area, you have no doubt noticed the limescale build up within your kettle, or perhaps you’ve had to get a repairman out to fix your washing machine due to scale build up. The exact same thing occurs within the pipes of your drainage system. Only this time because it’s out of site, we don’t typically pay attention to it until the build up has got so severe that it’s caused a blockage.

    Regular pipework cleaning and de-scaling can help remove this build up before it becomes a problem and keeps your drainage system functioning in the way it was intended. As far as how often you should get your drains professionally cleaned, it really depends on how much use they receive on a regular basis. A restaurant or other commercial setting may benefit from a twice-annual cleaning, a residential property however may only require cleaning every one to two years.

    Using our state of the art drain jetting equipment, our pipe cleaning and de-scaling services will remove limescale, corrosion, and other deposits such as grease and fat build up from pipe walls to keep them flowing well and also help prolong their lifespan. Some of the benefits of regular pipe cleaning include:

    • Extended working life of your drain pipes.
    • Improved flow and drainage.
    • Cleaning is a lot more cost-effective than repairing or replacing damaged pipes.
    • Removal of sludge build up and other contamination.
    • You are much less likely to find yourself dealing with a blockage.
    Pipework Cleaning and De-Scaling Services