High-Pressure Drain Jetting

Keep your drains in full-working order with regular high-pressure drain jetting. Using state of the art equipement, water is propelled at extremely high pressure to help break up stubborn blockages and get your drainage system back in tip-top shape.

We provide drain jetting services to customers across London and the South East. Are your drains overdue a spring clean? Contact us today to book your appointment!

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    Why Choose Flo-Well Drainage For Your London Drain Jetting Needs?

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    Keep Your Drainage System in good Condition With High-Pressure Water Jetting

    Water Jetting to Clear Blocked Drains

    Drain jetting is the most environmentally friendly ways to keep your drains clear of debris. Drain jetting can be used for a variety of drainage maintenance requirements including:

    • Debris Removal – High-pressure drain jetting softens and loosens any debris that may be blocking your drains.
    • Tree Root Removal – The high-pressure water jet is strong enough to break up even the most stubborn of tree roots!
    • Drain Maintenance – Drains are often overlooked, but regular drain cleaning can help keep more expensive problems at bay.
    • Drain Cleaning – Remove sludge, grease, fat and limescale buildup and restore your pipework to a like-new condition.
    • Septic Tank Cleaning – Regular maintenance and cleaning of your septic tank or cesspit system is important to keep things working as intended.
    • Soakaway Cleaning – Keep your soakaway in top-condition and help prevent more costly fixes with regular water jetting.

    High-Pressure Drain Jetting Explained

    Professional drain jetting is one of the most effective ways of cleaning drains and removing debris and other build up. Plungers and drain rods are also useful tools for removing blockages, but these are only effective when the blockage is close to the drainage outlet of your property. If the blockage is deeper within the system it will require the use of more specialist tools to remove. Drain jetting hoses can extend much further into your drain system than rods, and the blast of high-pressure water is effective to break up the majority of blockages that we encounter.

    If the blockage has been caused by the build up of fats, or improper disposal of items such as sanitary towels and nappies, high-pressure water jetting will clear these blockages with ease. The water jets are at such a high-pressure that it can even cut through tree roots and even builders rubble.

    Commercial drain jetting equipment is many steps beyond your typical residential pressure washer that you may use to clean your car or patio so it’s important that the equipment is handled by a fully-trained professional. All of out drainage engineers have many years of experience operating drain jetting equipment and will take all necessary precautions to ensure they and your family are safe while operating the equipment.

    Drain jetting is also extremely environmentally friendly. After all, it is just water! Whenever possible our first port of call to tackle your blockage is to use high-pressure water jetting. Although in some cases, drain unblocking chemicals may be required to help shift a stubborn blockage or to restore your pipework. These chemicals can be hard on pipes as well as the environment so we only use them as a last resort.

    For more information about our drain jetting services or to book your appointment, please contact our friendly team today.

    High-Pressure Drain Jetting