Build Over Drain Surveys

If you’re planning a property extension and carrying out building works over, or in the vicinity of your local authority sewer system, you may be required to undertake a build over drain survey in order to gain permission from your local water supplier to carry out the building work.

Our build over drain survey reports satisy the requirements of all local authorities. Please contact our team today for more information or to book your building works drain survey.

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    Since October 2011, any new building works, such as a home extension require the correct provisions to ensure the work has been approved by your local water authority.

    If the building works fall within 3 meters, or the extension is being built over a public sewer, consent will be required from the relevant sewage company before you are able to begin work on your project.

    The build over survey report will need to show consideration for potential pipe damage in your plans, and also ensure adequate access is provided for the sewers in case of any future maintenance needs.

    Build Over Drainage Surveys

    Self-Certification Declaration or Build Over Agreement?

    Seld Certification Declarations and Build Over Agreements

    There are two routes in which you can gain approval for your project from your local water authority. These are self-certficiation declarations and build over agreements. Here we will explain the difference between the two and which one will be required for your building project.

    Self-Certification Declaration

    If your drainage system pipes are 150mm in diameter or less, you are able to get automatic approval by completing and submitting a self-declaration form. This form can be obtained from your local water authority. There is often an application fee when submitting this form and it can take up to two weeks for your self-certification to be approved.

    Some of the questions that will need to be answered on the self-certification form typically include:

    • What material are the drain pipes made of?
    • Will there be any manholes affected in the building works?
    • What is the overall condition of the drainage system?
    • Confirmation that a professional CCTV drain survey has been carried out.
    • Provisions for pipe integrity if walls are constructed above?
    • Will the pipes be at least 500mm from the external face of your building?

    Drain Build Over Agreements

    If you don’t qualify for self-certification, then your only available option will be to apply for a build over agreement. A build over agreement often requires that your building works are assessed before and upon completion of the project which means you will be required to conduct two separate CCTV drain surveys so the costs for this option are higher than a self-certification declaration.

    A build over drainage agreement will be required if any of the following applies to your building project:

    • Using a raft foundation for building works.
    • Using a piled foundation for building works.
    • Building above or close to a pressurised sewer.
    • Building above or close to a pitch fibre pipe.
    • Building above or close to sewers over 225mm in diameter.
    • Building above or close to sewers with a legal easement.
    • Manhole, inspection chambers, or rodding eye within extensions or within 500mm of an extension.

    Once approval is granted it is imperative that you follow all conditions set out by your local water authority to ensure the sewers are unaffected and protected. Also, if you don’t acquire approval during your final post-construction assessment, you may be liable for any repairs or alterations that the water company demands. This could include things such as installing a new manhole cover, or the cost to replace pipes.

    If you have any questions, or are unsure which approval method is best suited for your project, please contact our team today for more information or to book your drain survey.