Drain Lining

If you have a cracked or broken drain, it is important to get the problem fixed as soon as possible as the problem will only get worse over time and result in a more costly repair. While there are many methods of drain repair avaialble, drain lining (or relining as it’s is sometimes called) is often one of the most practical and cost-effective solutions to repair damaged drain pipes.

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    Domestic and Commercial Drain Relining and Repair Services

    Drain Lining

    Drain lining is an affordable solution to fix cracked and damaged pipes without having to deal with the stress and expense of having to excavate the area in order to carry out the drain repair. It offers a permanment and long-lasting repair and helps protect against future cracks of damage prolonging the life of your drains.

    How Does Drain Pipe Lining Work?

    Drain lining involves inserting a special coated material within your drains. The liner is positioned into the area of the defect where it is inflated and left to cure. Think of it like creating a new pipe inside the old one. This drain repair method can be used in drains as small as 100mm in diameter, all the way up to 1000mm diameter.

    With no digging, excavation, or drain removal required, drain lining technology provides an extremely cost-effective solution for domestic and commercial drain and sewer repairs, and is one of the most common drain repair methods we use as it results in less disruption and less time needed to repair the drain defect.

    What’s Involved in the Drain Lining Process?

    Firstly we need identify the problem and the extent of the damage to make sure drain lining is an appropriate solution. This process is completed by conducting a CCTV drain survey. Specialist equipment is inserted into your drainage system and will enable us to access the overall condition of your pipework and help locate the source of the damage.

    Once the problem has been identified and we have established that drain relining will offer a suitable and long lasting repair we will prepare the liner ready for installation. The liner is inserted into your drainge system and maneuvered into position. Once the liner is in place, the airbag in which the liner is wrapped around is inflated and the liner conforms to the inner diameter of your pipe.

    The liner is then left to cure and harden. This can take a few hours depending on the conditions. Once cured, the airbag is deflated and removed leaving the liner in place. We will then reinsert the CCTV camera equipment to inspect the area of the repair to ensure it has been completed satisfactorily.

    Is Drain Relining Better than Replacement?

    Choosing to reline your pipes will always be far more cost-effective than replacement. The lining material that we use offer a 50 year lifespan.

    Can Drain Lining Repair all Types of Damage?

    Ultimately, it will depend on the extent of the damage. In most cases we are able to repair drains using non-invasive methods such as lining, but in certain cases the damage is too severe and the only option will be to excavate and replace the damaged section of drain. As you can imagine, excavating and replacing the damaged section of drain is far more time-consuming and expensive. Even more so if the damage is located in an area that is difficult to access.