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Tree root ingress is one of the most common causes of drainage problems. Not only will the call a very stubborn blockage, if left untreated the roots will continue to grow and cause significant damage to your drain pipes requiring an extensive and costly repair.

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    Removing Tree Roots and Plant Roots from Drains

    Roots are attracted to drain pipes as they provide a constant source of moisture. If the roots penetrate the drain pipe (very common on older clay pipes) they will continue to grow until they cause a blockage or more extensive problem such as a cracked pipe or drain pipe joint displacement.

    If you suspect you’re dealing with tree roots in your drains it’s important that you deal with the problem as quickly as possible. It is not a problem that wil fix itself and will only get worse over time.

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    Removing Tree Roots from Drains

    Is it Easy to Remove Roots from Drains?

    If dealt with promptly, removing root ingress from drains is a relatively straightforward procedure and one that we have a wealth of experience in dealing with. For smaller root intrusions, high-pressure water jetting is all that’s typically required to clear the problem.

    If however the root ingress is more severe, this may require electro-mechanical removal methods. This procedure involved inserting a rotating steel cable into your drains with a specialist attachments to cut through the tree roots. The debris is then flushed through the system using high-pressure water. This is a time-consuming process and is therefore more expensive to clear than via jetting alone.

    Once the blockage has been removed we recommend conducting a CCTV drain survey to make sure the blockage is 100% cleared and to check for any damage that may have been caused by the roots.

    Drain Root Removal