Soakaway Installation & Maintenance

Does your existing soakaway need cleaning? or perhaps you require a new soakaway instllation. Here at Flo-Well we have completed hundreds of soakaway installations and maintenance jobs for customers across the south east.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Soakaway Installation and Maintenance

    What is a soakaway crate?

     A soakaway crate is a modular water storage cell that allows water to percolate through the soil instead of creating a build-up of surface water. They are known as soakaway crates due to their resemblance to the old-style milk crates and generally come flat packed, and are clipped together on site to form the cell. The type of soakaway crate required will depend on the area in which it will be used and the amount of weight it will need to withstand from above.

    How Far Does a Soakaway Need to be From a House?

    A soakaway must be located a minimum of 5 meters from your home or nearby building to avoid any possible undermining of the foundations.

    Why Use soakaway crates instead of rubble?

    Traditionally, soakaways were made of large pits filled with gravel, stone and hardcore. Whilst this arrangement was fine in the short-term. Over time, soil and sediment would inevitably wash down into the opening between the stones and fill the voids essentially making the soakaway innefective. Soakaway crates are manufactred to help prevent this problem therefore providing a better long-term solution.

    My Soakaway is Blocked. Can it be Fixed?

    Possibly. Our best advice would be to arrange a complimentary site visit so our engineers are able to investigate the extent of the problem. Even the best installed soakaways will suffer from blockages at some point in time. Sometimes these blockages can be cleared using high-pressure water jetting, however there are no guarantees that this will provide a long-term fix.

    If your soakaway is cannot be unblocked, the only available alternative would be to excavate the site and install a new soakaway system.