Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance

Grease traps are an essential part of any commercial kitchen or food processing plant to help prevent fats, greases and oils from entering the drainage system where they could cause blockages.

Without regular cleaning and maintenance, grease will build up in the trap rendering them innefective.

Our grease trap cleaning and maintenance services will help prevent blockages and keep your grease trap in full-working order. Contact our team today for a free quote.

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    Grease Trap Services in London and the South East

    Grease Trap Emptying

    Your grease interceptor should never be allowed to reach full capacity. We recommend that you arrange to have your grease trap emptied when it is approximately 30-40% full.

    If you find that you are having to have your grease trap emptied too often, this may indicate that your current installation is no longer suitable for your needs and will need to be upgraded.

    For fast and affordable grease trap cleaning services across London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Essex, contact the waste management experts at Flo-Well today.

    Grease Trap Emptying
    Grease Trap Installation

    Grease Trap Installation

    Here at Flo-Well we have completed hundred of grease trap installations in commercial kitchens across London and the south east.

    Our professional engineers can help calculate the size of grease interceptor required based on factors such as the number of sinks in the kitchen and the overall flow rate passing through the grease trap.

    For more information, or to book a complimentary site visit to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our team today.


    Grease Trap Maintenance

    Professional grease trap maintenance and regular servicing will help ensure your grease management system is fully-effective and fit for purpose.

    A regular grease trap maintenance schedule will help keep your grease interceptor working as intended as well as helping to increase the longevity of the system.

    For more information, please contact our team today.

    Grease Trap Cleaning and Grease Management

    Grease Trap Cleaning Services

    Grease traps play an important role in preventing food waste, fats, oils and grease from entering the public wastewater system. You have no doubt at one point in time read an article on how fatbergs have wreaked havoc in London’s sewer system so you’ll undoubtably understand just how important it is to keep your grease intreceptor in good condition and full-working order.

    Ongoing maintenance and regular cleaning of your grease trap is essential. If your grease trap is neglected it will not work effectively and will potentially make you liable for fines for improper upkeep, so a routine maintenance schedule should be a top-priority.

    Potential fines aside, dealing with a grase trap blockage can be a major headache for your business and has the potential to cause downtime and loss of earnings while the problem is rectified.

    Whatever type of grease trap your business has installed, the team at Flo-Well can help keep it clean and in top condition. Contact our team today for more information and book a complimentary site visit to discuss your specific requirements.