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We offer a complete solution for all of your basement pump and sump requirements. From installation and commissioning of your waste pump or pump station to ongoing maintenance and servicing.

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    Our team of professional drainage engineers provide fast and efficient basement pump services to both residential and commercial clients across London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and beyond.

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    London's Basement Pump and Sump Specialists

    Sewage Sump and Pump Maintenance London

    As a full-service sump pump maintenance specialist, we are able to handle any of your  pump maintenance and installation requirements including:

    • London Basement Pump Specialists
    • Basement Sumps and Pumps
    • Experienced Pump Engineers
    • Sewage Pump Maintenance
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    • Liquid Waste Disposal
    • Sump Pump Repairs
    • Pump Commissioning
    • Pump System Design
    • Submersible Pumps
    • High Water Sump Alarms

    What sump pump is best for a basement?

    Your basement sump pump plays an invaluable role in an emergency. In times of flooding, your basement sump pump could save your home from disastrous water damage. Ultimately, what sump pump is best will depend on your specific requirements and the features you require in a sump pump. There are four main types of pumps to consider:

    Submersible Pumps: a submersible basement pump is designed to work within a pit called a sump basin located below the surface of your basement floor. Once the water reaches a certain level the pump turns on and begins pumping the water out of your basement.

    Pedestal Pumps: Pedestal pumps are typically less expensive than submersible pumps. Pedestal pumps sit on top of the basement floor and draw in water from the pumps base leading to a drainage area located outside your home.

    Battery Backup Pumps: Both submersible pumps and pedestal pumps require a constant supply of electricity to function. Given the fact that flooding often knocks out the power, a battery backup pump relies on a battery instead of an electric outlet.

    Combination Pumps: A combination pump combines all the features and benefits of a submersible or pedestal pump, but also includes a built-in backup offering maximum protection for all flooding hazards.

    How much does it cost to install a sump pump in a basement?

    On average it costs around £1000 to install a sump pump in your basement. Again, depending on the specific features your require in your basement pump, this cost can vary. Location of the sump pump as well as the type of floor can also factor in to the overall costs. For example, if you don’t currently have a basement pump, your basement floor will require excavation in order to install a submersible pump.

    What size sump pump do I need for my basement?

    There isn’t really a “correct” size or a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to sump pump size. The pump requirement will be determined by the area of dranage connected to the sump, the depth to groundwater, the depth of the basement amongst other factors. If you’re wondering what basement pump will be sufficient for your needs we’d recommend you contact our pump experts to discuss your requirements and book a complimentary site survey.

    Should every basement have a sump pump?

    Whether you need a sump pump in your basement will typically depend on where you are located. If for example, you live in a flood risk area such as London for example, it’s a good idea to have a pump installed for potential floods or periouds of inclement weather. Remember the old saying “prevention is better than cure” this certainly rings tru for basement pumps. It’s always better to have one and not need it, than need one and not have one.

    London Basement Pumps