Drain Excavation & Replacement

Whilst we make every effort to repair drains using non-invasive repair methods, occasionally the damage is so severe that the only solution is drain excavation and replacement of the damaged section.

Here at Flo-Well we offer proffesional and affordable drain excavation services to domestic and commercial clients across London and the south east. For more information or to book a repair, please contact our team today.

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    Professional Drain Excavation & Replacement Services

    Drain Excavation and Replacement

    The majority of drainage issues can typically be resolved using non-invasive repair methods such as drain lining or drain patch repairs. However, if the damage is too severe, or non-invasive repair methods will only provide a temporary repair solution, drain excavation and replacement of the damaged drain will be required in order to guarantee a long-term fix.

    While we would always treat a full drain excavation as a last resort, there are a number of serious issues where excavation and replacement are the only feasible solution. These include collapsed pipes, severe root ingress, or a burst pipe.

    Unfortunately drain excavation work is time-consuming, and depending on the location of the problem can also be extremely disruptive. Here at Flo-Well we have a wealth of experience repairing severely damaged drains for a number of customers across London and the south east. Our engineers endeavour to make the entire process as least disruptive as possible.

    Remember, serious drainage problems need to rectified as quickly as possible to help avoid any further or more costly damage from occuring. If you suspect you have a drainage problem contact our team today for a free quote.

    Excavation & Drain Replacement FAQ's

    When is Drain Excavation Needed?

    As we mentioned above, drain excavation is only used as a last resort when alternative drain repair methods would not be sufficient or have failed.

    How Do I Know if My Drain Needs Repairs?

    The first step would be to conduct a comprehensive CCTV drain survey to get an accurate picture of the overall condition of your drains and to identify the source and location of the damage.

    What is Envolved with Drain Excavation?

    With a drain excavation, there are a number of steps that need to be completed before the actual digging and replacement can take place. This helps ensure the excavation runs smoothly and that any disruptions is kept to a minimum. The steps required include site assessment surveys, health and safety considerations, excavation of the site, storage of excavated material and finaly site reinstatement.

    Is Drain Excavation Necessary?

    Drain excavation is only necessary when there are no viable alternative repair methods. Excavation is a complex and labor intensive process and can be quite expensive, which is why we will only use this drain repair method as a last option.