Drain Patch Repairs

Whether you need to re-route an exisiting drain run or have decided to install a completely brand new drainage system, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to help!

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    Drain Patch Repairs - The "No Dig", Cost Effective Repair Solution

    Drain Patch Repairs

    When you hear the words “drain repair” you may picture an expensive bill. But thankfully, due to the improvements in drain repair technologies, a drain patch repair is often the most economical and cost-effective solution to repair a section of damaged drain.

    Ultimately, it depends on the extent of the repair as to whether a drain patch will be suitable, but in most cases a patch repair will provide a long-lasting solution that will last for years to come. In fact, the lining material that we use provides a 50-year life span.

    A drain patch repair is a no dig or trenchless repair solution and can be completed without having to excavate the surrounding area. The repair process is also quicker than most other solutions which helps minimise disruption to our customers.

    Providing that only a small section of pipe needs repairinf (less than 1000mm), a drain patch repair is a much more cost-effective alternative to drain re-lining. The process involves inserting a sleeve of glass-reinforced material which is impregnated with a hard-setting resin material into your drain and maneuvered into position in the area of the drain defect. Once the mat is in place, the tube is inflated and the patch conforms to the inner struture of your pipe where it will cure and bond with the existing pipework restoring the structural stability of the original pipe.