What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

What is a CCTV Drain Survey

In order to maintain and increase the life expectancy of your drains, it’s useful to know exactly what is happening within your drainage system. The most cost-effective way to get a deeper understanding of the condition of your drains is through a CCTV drain survey. In this article we will cover some of the things that are involved in a CCTV drain survey, why you might need one, and what you can expect when you book a drain survey from Flo-Well.

Before we begin, there are two different scenarios where you might require a CCTV drain survey. The first is a drain inspection, the second is a full drain survey. We’ve explained the difference between them below, so make sure to check that out.

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What is a CCTV Drainage Survey

Because your drainage system is out of sight, it’s not always at the top of the list of a homeowners priorities until a problem occurs. However, a professional drain survey can help identify issues before they become a bigger problem and more costly to repair, so they are a worthwhile investment to help give you peace of mind that your drainage system is functioning correctly and in a good state of repair.

Simply put, a CCTV drain survey involves placing a specialist CCTV camera within your drainage system to either locate the cause of a persistent blockage, or to map out the entire drain system and assess the overall condition of your pipes.

CCTV drain surveying equipment is an essential tool in a drainage companies arsenal for surveying and inspecting drains safely, quickly and cost-effectively. And its use is not just limited to underground pipes. CCTV drain cameras can be used to inspect above ground pipes, rainwater down pipes, industrial process pipes, storage tanks, ducting systems and more.

These specialist drainage cameras enable our engineers to view a live-feed of your drains so they can quickly identify any problems that might be present.

What’s Involved in a CCTV Drain Survey?

When you contact us regarding a drain camera survey, we will first discuss your specific requirements to understand the type of inspection/survey required. We will then book a time that is convenient to you to begin the inspection.

Our engineers will feed a specialist drain camera within your drainage system using access rods, crawlers or sonar units depending on the type of drain that we are working with. The CCTV footage is fed back to the main receiving unit in real-time so we are able to quickly spot the cause of the problem.

Once our engineers have completed the drain inspection, they will either tell you right away what the problem is and review the CCTV footage with you, or compile a full report detailing their findings and any work that will need to be completed to get your drains back to full working order.

Check our this post for some of the reasons why you may need a CCTV drain survey.

What’s The Difference Between a Drain Survey & Drain Inspection?

Here at Flo-Well we offer two types of drainage surveys. The first is a drain inspection. We would conduct a drain inspection to quickly locate and diagnose a blockage or other issue inside your drainage system.

The second, is known as a drain survey. A drain survey is more in-depth than an inspection and is used to map out all the drains on your property so you know which ones you are responsible for, and which ones belong to neighboring properties or your local drainage utility provider.

This type of survey is often referred to as a “home-buyers drain survey”. And will include a map of the drainage system, an in-depth report detailing the condition of your drainage system, and the CCTV camera footage will be provided on a DVD so you are able to review the footage at a later date. It will often also include other useful information such as lengths of pipes, flow directions and flow rates and locations of any defects.

How Much Does a CCTV Drain Survey Cost?

The cost of a drain survey varies depending on the size of the property or the extent of the drainage problem you’re dealing with. A quick drain inspection typically runs in the region of £75 to £100. A full CCTV drain survey will typically cost in the region of £200 to £300.

Remember, a full CCTV drain survey involves much more than a basic drain inspection and you can expect the following:

  • A map of all the drains on your property and who is responsible for them.
  • A condition report for all your drains.
  • Still images and video footage for later review.

How Long Does a CCTV Drain Survey Take?

If you’re dealing with a blockage, on average we are able to locate and diagnose the cause of the problem within one hour. A home-buyers CCTV drain survey however can take several hours to complete.

Do I need a CCTV Drain Survey to Diagnose a Drainage Issue?

Not always. Sometimes drain issues can be easy to locate and simple to fix. A quick blast of water with professional drain jetting equipment might be all you need to get your drainage system back on track.

But if you’re experiencing persistent drain issues such as slow to drain sinks, re-occurring blockages, or bad smells emanating from your drain (check out our post about the tell-tale signs of a blocked drain), it’s often a good idea to carry out a professional drain inspection to quickly diagnose the problem.

What Problems Can A Drain Survey Uncover?

A drain survey can help identify many types of issues, from structural damage to a pipe, or blockages caused by a build up of fats and food waste. A CCTV drain survey can help identify:

  • Tree root ingress
  • Collapsed drains
  • Misaligned joints
  • Blockages
  • Corrosion and general wear and tear
  • Animal intrusion
  • Evidence of poor installation

Why Would I Need a CCTV Drainage Report?

Here are some of the reasons why you may need a professional CCTV drain survey:

  • If you need to re-line a drain pipe but need to know the length of the pipe that needs repair.
  • If you are planning an extension or other building works on your property.
  • If you suspect you have a broken or misaligned section of drain pipe that required repair.
  • If you are purchasing a new property and want to know the condition of the drains before you exchange contracts.
  • When you are experiencing persistent blockages despite previous attempts to fix the problem.

What’s The Difference Between a Residential & Commercial CCTV Drain Survey?

The basic principles of a residential CCTV drain survey and commercial CCTV drain survey are the same, the only difference will typically be the size of the site that requires surveying.

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