How Can I Protect My Drains from Rats?

How Can I Protect My Drains From Rats?

Rats in your house or business can present a major problem, and if your drainage system has been damaged or improperly installed, it can provide rats with an easy entry point into your home or commercial premises.

It only takes a small hole or crack in your drainage system for a rat to squeeze through. And because your drainage system provides both shelter and food for these pesky rodents, if the problem is left unresolved, they can quickly infest a building.

The Problem with Rats in Your Drains

Rats are unsanitary creatures and often carry disease and parasites which can present health concerns to your family or employees.

Rat infestations can also cause damage to the structure of your building as they gnaw through wood and damage electrical cabling, so it’s important to check your drains are in full-working order to help protect your home or business from these disease carrying pests.

Oh, and before we forget. Yes, rats can indeed swim up your toilet!

Signs Your May be Dealing with a Rat Infestation

Whilst it’s not always immediately clear that you have a rat some of the common signs to look out for include:

  • Rat droppings
  • Chewed up paper or electrical cables
  • Holes gnawed in walls
  • Scratching sounds under the floorboards or in your loft
  • Nests

Once you have identified the problem, you will then need to investigate how the rats are gaining access to your building.

If there are no common entry points such as holes in the eaves or foundations, then it’s most likely the entry point is through your drainage system. A comprehensive CCTV drain survey will help identify if rats are indeed accessing your property via your drains.

Solutions for Rats in Drains

Repairing damaged drains will be the first step. You could also install a rat stop which is a gate like structure that provides an additional barrier to help prevent rats from gaining access to your drains.

Here are a few additional tips to help stop rats in drains:

  • Place rubbish in bins with a closed lid.
  • Seal any entry points to your property.
  • Install a non-return valve to block rats from coming through your sewer pipes.
  • Check for and seal any gaps in external doors.
  • Ensure no foodstuff is left out of containers.

Seek the Help of the Professionals

If you have an active rat infestation, your best port of call would be to call a professional pest control company as soon as possible to eliminate the problem and prevent future infestations.

Flo-Well Drains and our sister company Flo-Pest Environmental Services are experts in drainage and pest control. Please contact our friendly team today to discuss your issue and we will provide the best solution to your problem.

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