Do I Need a Plumber or a Drainage Contractor?

Plumber vs. Drainage Contractor – Who do I need?

Dealing with a plumbing or drainage issue in your home or commercial premises can often be a big source of stress as it’s often an emergency problem that you need help with ASAP. It can sometimes be tricky to know who exactly to call to rectify your situation, and whether you’re dealing with a dripping tap or a blocked drain, many people are often left asking themselves “what do plumbers do that is different to a drainage contractor?”

In this article, we will explain the difference between a drainage contractor and a plumber, so you know who to call to deal with your specific issue.

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Ok, let’s dive in…

Who can deal with my sewer pipes?

An issue with your sewer system can be a major headache, not just for you, as they can also affect neighbouring and adjoining properties. If you’re suffering from an issue with your sewer pipes, a drainage engineer would be best suited to fix the problem.

On a side note, a faulty sewer pipe can cause major damage and serious health-hazards so it’s imperative to get in touch with a drainage expert immediately.

Who deals with wastewater?

Any drainage issue relating to the removal of wastewater will fall under the scope of a drainage contractor. Although the symptoms will typically manifest itself inside your property (a blocked or slow draining sink for example), the root cause will often be due to an issue further along your drainage system which will require a more in-depth solution.

If you’ve started noticing foul smells occurring from your sink, your bath water is draining slowly, or your drains need relining and repairing, a drainage specialist would be the best person to call to fix the issue.

Who deals with foul waste removal?

If you have a septic tank at your property or operate an agricultural business that generates slurry, at some point your tank or pit will require emptying and flushing. Plumbers typically don’t undertake waste removal, so anything involving the removal of human or animal waste will be best handled by a professional London drainage specialist who will be equipped to remove and dispose of the foul waste appropriately.

Drainage maintenance and monitoring

Prevention is always better than a cure. If you’ve purchased a new property, or just want peace of mind that your drainage system is in tip-top condition, this is a job for a professional drainage engineer.

Using innovative technology, drainage engineers can carry out CCTV drain inspections by inserting a specially designed camera into your drains to check the condition of your drainage system. A CCTV drain survey will help identify any current or potential drainage issues such as cracked or partially collapsed drains and provide you with an immediate solution to prevent any future drainage issues down the line.

Do I need a drainage expert?

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it is often best to seek the advice of a professional drainage expert…

  • Your drains are blocked or slow-flowing
  • Your drainage pipes require replacing or relining
  • You’re experiencing flooding due to burst external pipework
  • You’re suffering from a faulty or blocked sewer line
  • You require removal and disposal of waste and foul water
  • You require a CCTV camera surveys to inspect the condition of your drains

Do I need a plumber?

If you’re experiencing any of the following, a plumber would be the best person to call…

  • You have a leaking tap
  • Your toilet, shower, bath, or sink need repairing or replacing
  • You need new taps installed
  • You have a leaky radiator
  • You have a leak in the interior pipework of your home

In summary: Plumber vs Drainage Contractors – Who deals with what?

One rule of thumb to follow is if it’s a problem with water entering your property (for example a dripping tap, replacing a toilet or bath etc, this work would typically be carried out by a plumbing engineer. If the problem is with water exiting your property (a blocked toilet, sink, or broken drain for example), then this type of work would be best carried out by a drainage engineer.

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