Dealing With Bird Nests in Your Gutters

Dealing With Bird Nests in Your Gutters

Nesting season typically takes place each year between February and August. While most birds happily make their homes in trees or shrubs, due to the loss of natural nesting sites, they will also be quite happy making their nest in your roof or guttering too!

While not always easy to spot from ground-level. If you’ve started to notice some overhanging branches in your gutter, there’s a good chance it’s a bird’s nest.

Unfortunately, the nesting materials will often block your guttering causing it to overflow and can also cause havoc with your drains causing blockages and build-up within the system. So, it’s definitely something that you should deal with sooner rather than later.

Can I Remove a Bird Nest from My Gutter Myself?

Whilst it might be tempting to remove the nest yourself. During nesting season birds can understandably become very protective over their nests and eggs. Not only could you harm the lives of the birds, but being stuck at the top of ladder while getting attacked by an angry bird, probably isn’t the safest situation to be in.

Furthermore, some bird species are protected and mustn’t be disturbed during nesting season so it would be worthwhile contacting your local wildlife authority or pest-control expert for advice on how and if you can remove the nest.

Preventing Nests in Your Gutters

Many birds, including swifts and swallows return to the same nest-site each year. So, if you’re dealing with a bird’s nest in your gutter now, there’s a good chance that you will find yourself in the same situation next nesting season.

If you find you have a continual problem with birds nesting in your gutters or roof, you may want to consider installing bird deterrents to prevent it from happening. Again, we’d recommend reaching out to your local wildlife authority or qualified pest control expert for advice.

Stop Nests Causing Havoc with Your Drains

It’s important to keep your gutters clear from debris and blockages for them to serve their purpose correctly.  Recognising the signs of a blocked gutter, therefore, is important, as this will let you know when they need to be cleaned and, in the process, saving you potential property damage. 

Nest materials, moss and other debris can easily find their way into your drains causing blockages and other problems resulting in a more costly clean-up, which is why we’d recommend that you have your gutters cleaned out at least every one to two years.

Here at Flo-Well we provide professional gutter cleaning services to customers across London and the Southeast. Please contact our team for a free quote. We are also able to install gutter guards which help prevent debris entering your down pipe to help keep your drains in full-working order.