CCTV Drain Surveys – What’s Included and Why Might You Need One?

CCTV Drain Surveys – What’s Included and Why Might You Need One?

CCTV drain surveys are useful to establish the condition of your drains and uncover any potential problems. For example, if you’re purchasing a new home, we’d highly recommend a pre-purchase drain survey, so you have peace of mind that the drainage system of the property is working as intended, or to give you an opportunity to go back to the negotiating table if problems are uncovered.

CCTV drain surveys are also useful in diagnosing a specific problem if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of dealing with a drainage problem but can’t locate the cause.

What is Typically Uncovered During a CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV is essentially a thorough review of your drainage system and will help uncover the cause of the drainage issue that you might be dealing with as well as spotting potential problems that could lead to costly future repairs such as structural damage or the early signs of root ingress.

A CCTV drain survey is used to identify…

  • Blockages
  • Pipe displacement
  • Improperly installed drains
  • Collapsed drains
  • Cracked or fractured drains
  • Tree root ingress
  • Leaks
  • General wear and tear
  • Evidence of animal intrusion
  • Drainage ownership
  • And more

What Will the Results of a Drain Survey Show?

Once the survey is complete you will be provided with a full drainage report which will typically include…

  • The material used in your pipework
  • Diameters of pipe
  • Invert levels of accessible manholes
  • Flow direction
  • Length of drain
  • Drain usage
  • Connections, water levels and general observations within each section of drain
  • Video and still imagery
  • A plan of your drainage system

Whilst a drain survey will typically uncover quote a few defects, it will also detail which of these defects are an immediate concern. For example, a collapsed or fractured drain is something that you will want to get repaired as soon as possible, but general age-related wear may not be something that needs fixing for many years.

Even if you’re not currently dealing with a drainage issue, we’d recommend conducting having a professional CCTV drain survey carried out every few years to help ensure your drainage system remains in full working order and help prevent any small issues becoming bigger and more expensive problems in the future.

As always, if you need assistance interpreting the results of your CCTV drain survey, our friendly team are always happy to help.

If in doubt, call us out. Here at Flo-Well we have conducted thousands of CCTV drain surveys in London and the surrounding area and have many happy clients. For more information, or to book a survey, please contact us today.