Drainage Issues that Require Professional Help

Drainage Issues that Require Professional Help

Whilst a slow draining bath, or gurgling toilet is something a lot of people just put up with for a period, these are oftentimes an early indication of a problem with your drainage system and should be investigated as soon as possible by a drainage company so the issue doesn’t develop into an even bigger problem.

Whilst some drainage issues can be fixed with DIY methods, there are certain problems that can be classed as an emergency and will require the help of a professional drainage company to put right.

Here at Flo-Well, we’re experts in all thing’s drainage. If you have a drainage emergency and require the help of a professional drainage contractor, you know exactly who to call!

Collapsed Drains

If your drainage system is completely backed up, you’ve noticed a strong sewage smell, damp patches on walls, ground movement in your garden, or in extreme cases, subsidence, this could be an indication of a collapsed drain.

A collapsed drain is one of the most extreme drainage issues that can occur and will require professional help to fix. Depending on the severity of the issue a collapsed drain may be able to be repaired, but oftentimes a full replacement of the damaged section is necessary in order to guarantee a long-term fix.

My Drain Has Collapsed, What Should I Do?

Tree Root Ingress

Another common cause of drain blockages is from tree roots interfering with the drainpipes. In severe circumstances, tree root ingress can even cause your drainpipe to collapse. Tree root ingress will need to be identified and fixed quickly in order to stop the problem from getting worse over time, and is unlikely something you would be able to fix without access to specialist diagnostic tools and drain unblocking equipment.

Backed Up Sewers

Dealing with liquid waste that has backed up and entered your home is something that nobody wants to experience. A sewer backup is a sure-fire sign of a serious issue with your drains. If you’ve attempted all the DIY methods to unblock your drains, it’s likely being caused by a problem deeper within your drainage system that will require the specialist tools and experience of a professional drainage company.

DIY Mishaps

While it’s tempting to save money by taking a do it yourself approach to certain projects, unfortunately accidents happen. Whilst drainage work might sound simple, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be opening a real bag of worms.

If you’ve attempted to fix your drains yourself, but it’s not gone as expected, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

Stubborn Surface Water

Perhaps you’ve noticed surface water that just won’t drain from around your downpipes. This can often be an indication that your drainage system isn’t working effectively. Perhaps your soakaway has become blocked, or perhaps you have a blockage somewhere in the system. Regardless, this is another issue that is best delt with by an experienced drainage contractor.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned before, drainage issues may seem harmless at first but can develop into a big problem if left for too long. If you think you are suffering with a problem with your drains, don’t hesitate to give the professionals at Flo-Well a call.

Whatever the problem, we have the skills and experience to put it right and get your drains flowing well again!