Why is My Toilet Gurgling?

Why is My Toilet Gurgling

Has your toilet started talking back to you when you’re singing in the shower? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, this is actually a very common drainage problem that we deal with all the time!

A strange rumbling sound, or gurgling water after you flush your toilet is typically a tell-tale sign that there is a problem somewhere within your plumbing or drainage system and is something that you want to take care of as soon as possible.

Whilst the cause of the blockage can often be cleared using DIY methods, if it’s a persistent problem that just won’t go away, it usually requires the expertise of a professional London drainage company to put right. But fret not, the professional drainage engineers are standing by to help. If you’re suffering with a blocked toilet London, give our friendly team a call today for a free fixed price toilet unblocking quote.

What causes a gurgling toilet?

A gurgling toilet is an indication of blockage somewhere within your drainage system. Instead of air flowing through the drain pipes, the air pushes back and cause gurgling or bubbling in your toilet.

There are three possible causes that can make your toilet gurgle or bubble:

  1. A clogged or blocked drain pipe
  2. Your vent pipe is blocked
  3. There is a problem with the main sewer line

Blockage Causing Your Toilet to Gurgle

The first place to start is the source of the problem itself. If you’ve started experiencing bubbling and gurgling sounds emanating from your toilet and it’s not effecting any other locations within your house, it’s time to break out that plunger and get to work!

If the source of the blockage is close to the surface, a good few plunges with the plunger is often enough to clear the blockage and get things working again.

If plunging was unsuccessful, you can try using a drain snake if you’ve got one on hand, but if you don’t have the necessary equipment needed to dislodge the blockage, you’re often better off enlisting the help of a professional drainage engineer.

Remember, more often than not, a blocked drain is caused because of misuse. If it’s not designed to be flushed, don’t stick it down the toilet! If in doubt, check out our post about the top 10 things you should never put down your drains.

Blocked Vent Pipe Causing a Gurgling Toilet

The purpose of your vent pipe (sometimes referred to as a vent stack or soil stack) is responsible for regulating the pressure within your drainage system. Under normal circumstances, the air within your drainpipes is at a neutral pressure. A sudden flow of water within your drainpipe (for example, when you flush your toilet), creates positive pressure in front, and negative pressure behind the wastewater.

However, if the vent pipe becomes blocked or clogged, the air pressure cannot be regulated, and this is what causes the gurgling or bubbling in your toilet, as the air has nowhere else to escape. The most common cause of a blocked vent pipe is due to nesting birds. You can prevent this from happening by installing a vent terminal on the end of the pipe.

A blocked or poorly functioning vent stack will often cause drainage issues elsewhere in your house, so if you’ve noticed that your sinks have started draining slowly along with the strange noises bubbling up from your toilet, a blocked or broken vent stack is likely the cause.

Clearing a blocked vent pipe will usually require someone having to go up on the roof and is a job that is often best left to the professionals.

The Main Sewer Line is Blocked or Broken

If your toilet is gurgling due to a problem with the main sewer line, then unfortunately this is unlikely something you are going to be able to remedy yourself and will require a visit from a local drain unblocking company equipped with the correct tools to clear the blockage.

However, depending on the source of the blockage, this could be the responsibility of your local water authority (check out our post about who is responsible for a blocked drain) Regardless, you will still require the services of a drainage contractor to diagnose the problem and locate the source of the blockage.

Need to Enlist the Help of a Local Drainage Company?

If you’re suffering from a blocked toilet, or any other issue with your drainage system, our team of professionally trained drainage engineers are standing by to help! We offer fast and reliable drain unblocking services at a fraction of the cost of other big-name drainage companies. Contact Flo-Well today for a free, fixed-price toilet unblocking quote! Get in touch.

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